Friday, May 27, 2011

Professional Resume Services

Recently, I have been asked about the feasibility of using paid resume specialists to assist in creating a resume. My advice in most cases is to keep your money in your pocket. These professionals are not necessarily attempting to defraud you or are unscrupulous, but they are not providing a unique service. They refer to the same guides and examples available to anyone.

  • There is no magic format for a resume that will instantly land you the job of your dreams!

The "trick" that professional resume writers use is to gather as much information about you as possible and then find out exactly what profession/position you are seeking. They then write a resume that puts your best relevant skills/qualities on paper that are most directly linked to the position you are seeking.

The format of your resume is never as important as the content. The format is how to arrange the content. A good resume shows the employer that your possess the skills and abilities to perform the job as advertised. Professional resume writers stick to that script. So should you, but with the extra money in your pocket!

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