Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Summer Jobs

Looking at the thermometer probably won't get you thinking about a summer job, but actually, many organizations will start their hiring process for summer positions when the weather is the coldest! The lowcountry offers many recreational activities and a large number of employees in this industry are college students. If you think you would like to get a job with a park, pool, or recreation service, now is the time to research the requirements to update your resume. (Example: a lifeguard is always a high demand position and lessons are taught locally at several of the indoor pools)

Over the next few months we will have recreation departments from different counties, as well as the local military bases, on campus to recruit for the summer. Keep an eye on this blog and on Career Connection for dates/times of their visits. Some will also be attending the March Career Fair, but many positions will be filled by that time.

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