Thursday, September 13, 2012


Landing the job you want is not always a matter of having a good resume and getting through an interview.  In today's economy, you might be "qualified" for a position, but you may not be the best candidate.  I work with many individuals who do not understand why they were not hired for position that they were qualified for.

The slower economy and high unemployment rate has put more people in the position of seeking a new job.  That means the competition for available openings is higher.  It isn't enough to be qualified, you must be the best applicant in the mind of the employer.  Everyone that is interviewed generally meets the qualifications for the position.  You need to stand out from the competition.

  • Make sure your resume is in line with the job description. The employer has already told you what they are looking for in the ideal candidate!
  • Every answer to interview questions should be tailored to show that you have the skills necessary to do the work.
  • Be committed. Tell the employer you are looking for long-term employment with their company, not a stepping stone to something else.
  • Talk at length about your experience in the work place. Even if you are lacking in actual experience, be sure to talk about anything you have done that might be related to the position.
  • Be positive and have a great attitude in interviews. Who wants to hire someone who wouldn't be pleasant to work with?

These steps may seem simple and common sense, but so many applicants do not follow this plan of attack.  The majority of applicants create generic resumes and send to everyone, only talk about things they are comfortable with in interviews (as opposed to tailoring to job description), speak poorly of previous employers and talk about what they hope to gain from the position, not what they can do for the employer.

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