Wednesday, May 15, 2013 what?

The search for a career can present many challenges and frustration. If you watch the national news programs, you may get the impression the economy is on the rise and finding a job should be no problem.  What isn't mentioned is "what type" of jobs are coming back and "where" the jobs are coming back.  National reports look at averages across the nation which include hundreds of cities and millions of people.  An analysis of that magnitude will not really help you locally since an "average" will include areas that are very prosperous and areas that are not doing well at all.  It is important to research your local area for data.  A good source for local information is SCWorks.

Identifying growing job markets will help you target your efforts in landing a position.  Do the research and learn about the Charleston job market.  It will help you land the job you have been hoping for.

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