Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Career Fair Update

The annual Career Fair is only one week away and we are busy finalizing the employer list.  As always, there will be some last minute changes. Some employers not currently listed will be added and a couple scheduled to attend will drop out.  We will try to keep the on-line listing updated as much as possible.

We have a maximum of 121 tables in the College Center and all are spoken for!  We additionally have a few employers on a waiting list that we will try to accomodate.  There will definitely be a full house.

Please be sure to read the previous post from March 5th that discusses how to prepare for the Career Fair.  First impressions are lasting and can make the difference in an employer wanting to pursue hiring you or passing.

The Career Fair is primarily for our students and alumni, but it is also open to the public if you have friends/family who may be looking for work.

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