Friday, April 6, 2012

Career Fair gone...What now?

If you attended the Career Fair last Wednesday, you had the opportunity to meet with over 100 employers. A lot of you did based on attendance numbers.  We had almost 900 people come through in the three hour time period!  Employers and attendees were both enthusiastic about the turnout.  Hopefully, you found a lead or two on potential employment, but what if you didn't?

A career fair is just one tool.  Do not despair if you did not find the job that fits your needs. You should be using as many search methods as possible. One possibility is Career Connection.

If you are not registered on the Student Employment Career Connection site, you are missing out on many jobs posted by local employers for TTC students and alumni. On any given day you will find between 90 - 120 active job postings.  Most of them will accept a resume submitted on-line through the system, and the few that do not give instructions on how to apply. Employers that advertise on Career Connection want TTC trained applicants.

Get your account setup today if you do not have one, upload a resume (or several versions if desired), and start searching for your opportunity.

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