Thursday, April 19, 2012

Finding Employment

You may have heard that finding a job is a full-time job in itself. It can be. The market is very competitive for many industries and employers are searching for the "best" candidates instead of the only candidates.
What does this mean for the job seeker? First, you should make sure you are presenting yourself as a candidate who can fill the job description. Pay attention to the requirements of the position. Make sure you are clearly demonstrating your ability to perform required tasks.
Second, you should be prepared to apply for more positions than you may have anticipated. Competition is stiff and managers receive many applications/resumes for each opening. You may be qualified, but not "as qualified" as others who apply.
Third, use many methods of finding openings. On-line gives you the quickest method to find the most openings, but remember to network and use personal interaction as well. Many companies only accept resumes on-line so that should be your first resource.
Finally, do not be discouraged! It is easy to lose motivation, but your opportunity is out there. You just need to locate it. Many times you find the job you wanted in a place you didn't expect. Keep in mind that most companies need people in administration, information technology, accounting, marketing/sales, etc. Example: if you are a computer programmer, keep in mind that Food Lion has a computer network. Hidden jobs are some of the best sources of opportunity.

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