Monday, April 2, 2012

Seeking Employment?

I am sure many of you will attend the Career Fair on Wednesday, however there is an immediate resource available to all students and alumni of TTC.  Career Connection is our on-line job posting system and is free for your use.  As of this morning, we have 158 openings advertised!  We generally average between 90 - 100 on any given day.  Why use Career Connection when there are many other sites available?
  1. The site is monitored by your Student Employment staff.  All employers are reviewed by our staff before being approved.  Each job posting is reviewed as well.
  2. Employers advertising through Career Connection are seeking TTC students or graduates.
  3. Flexibility.  You may save several versions of your resume, cover letters, documents, etc. to your account. This allows you to pick and choose what to send to each employer.
  4. Announcements and notifications.  Stay abreast of employer visits and workshops. Create a "Job Agent" to automatically notify you of positions you may be interested in.
Registration is free and you may keep your account upon graduation. There really is no reason not to register!  Registration tip:  use your personal email address rather than your TTC email. This way you will not encounter any problems once you graduate and lose your school email acount.

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